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AC CONSULTING SA, established in Geneva in 1985, was founded in response to the growing need for independent, high quality, professional consulting services across a wide spectrum of IT activity.

In addition to providing IT consultants to the large community of multinationals, national private companies and international organisations including banks and .com companies, the company is active in several specialist sectors of the IT services market.

These include standard recruitment and outsourcing mandates which are natural extensions to our initial consulting activity and a welcome service for many companies whose own HR service is constantly struggling to provide the right candidates for new projects which require the latest technology.

Finding the person who can accompany their own personnel in an activity such as an upgrade and simultaneously provide technology transfer is a potential challenge for the company itself. Using AC Consulting's resources to provide a consultant is a rapid, short term, cost effective solution.


Reduce your IT vulnerability now!

Our professionals can reduce your risks by implementing a planned security strategy.


Matching expertise
to vacancies

Consulting has provided a major part of our business and continues to play a significant role.


Reduce costs without compromise

Traditionally, companies turn to outsourcing to reduce costs and improve quality.


Expert services from across the IT industry

We offer expert labour for one off tasks or on-going projects.