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Consultancy & Recruitment


Consulting has traditionally provided a major part of our business and continues to play a significant role.

Providing our clients with such specialists means that they acquire immediate access to the expert knowledge they require. Using conventional methods, this would take considerably longer, engender costs which often cannot be justified on a longer term basis and require an increase in residual headcount.


We match expertise to the customer's specific requirements and it is not unusual for our personnel to be retained for extended periods, a fact which attests to the quality of our consultants and service.

Using consultants can easily reduce global costs and management overhead, often with an appreciable increase in service levels. A direct consequence has been the significant increase in this type of activity as clients have become ever more aware of the benefits.

Our services include recruitment and recruiting mandates. Evaluating staff via short consulting contracts is a well established practice and with pre-agreed tariffs, our clients can set their budgets with confidence.

Typical areas of expertise that we cover include:

And of course the list grows constantly as new technology is developed


Monitoring and Reporting

After initial deployment, we also propose a monthly monitoring and reporting service allowing you to keep on top of security and fully benefit from the initial investment.

The challenge for our experts is to keep abreast of the latest invasion techniques, virus forms and privacy issues. Discussing these with you on a regular basis and advising you on instigating and/or maintaining a well planned security strategy is essential to lessening your companies vulnerability.