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Network Security

Managed Security Services

Network Security is an area which the management of most organisations now recognises as one which cannot be underestimated.

The presence of hackers who damage, deface or even steal corporate systems and data assets continues to grow and the risks for companies does also.



Internal networks

Internal security must be constantly surveyed as operating systems are changed, updates are applied, new applications introduced, authorisation given or revoked as personnel arrive, depart or simply change sectors and telecommunications elements are included. The list is extensive and the verification of even a small to medium size network is a considerable task.

External networks

No less problematic and even more extensive is external security. A managed security service provides our clients with an economical option to enhanced network security. A typical security package includes:


Monitoring and Reporting

After initial deployment, we also propose a monthly monitoring and reporting service allowing you to keep on top of security and fully benefit from the initial investment.

The challenge for our experts is to keep abreast of the latest invasion techniques, virus forms and privacy issues. Discussing these with you on a regular basis and advising you on instigating and/or maintaining a well planned security strategy is essential to lessening your company's vulnerability.