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An Introduction to Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing and where does it fit?

In brief, outsourcing is work done for a company by people other than the company's employees. lt is a service or product that is provided to the client by an external company and produced under that company's own supervision.

Outsourcing typically covers non-core activities and is a valuable tool in maintaining a company's competitive edge.

Traditionally, companies turn to outsourcing when they want to reduce costs and improve quality. However, there are additional benefits such as access to cutting edge technology, increased speed to market, more product development capability, salability, increased focus and avoidance of capital costs.

Top 10 Factors for successful outsourcing:


Sectors such as internal customer care, IT development and fulfillment functions areas where more is often achieved on a lesser budget. Keeping pace with changing technology is challenging so IT development by outside specialists can pay handsome dividends in speed of completion. Avoiding capital expenditure by leveraging the infrastructure of an outsourcing provider is an attractive proposition. Combined with the added salability, it is an undeniable advantage for the client.

Why use Outsourcing and in What Areas?

We offer a partnership with your company to develop into a dedicated and responsive supplier. In that role, our goal is to meet all your expectations for quality, delivery and price and performance.

Two of the most common areas for outsourcing are:

Specialist Recruitment