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An overview of subcontracting

What is subcontracting?

What is Subcontracting?

Work done for a company, within or outside company premises, by people other than the company's employees, under the company's responsibilities

Subcontracting is when a client contracts with an outside supplier to produce or supply a component, process or product to the clients specifications. The client may supply the materials used or specify the materials to be purchased by the subcontractor. The entire process remains under the control of the client.

AC CONSULTING SA Subcontracting Services

We essentially offer labour and/or facilities for one-time or ongoing jobs. Our goal is to be flexible and responsive. We will work with your materials and equipment in our facility or offer to purchase equipment compatible with your needs.

Services can include end-user help desk and support, development, network installation, configuration and support, systems migration, auditing, training, project management, testing, data centre support, etc.

The Labour Elements

An actor: Mainly a competence for a specific work as a developer, a technician, a controller reporting to an internal resource.

A driver: A competence able to work independently for a project and in charge of reporting to an internal manager.

An officer: A competence able to manage a full project (including budget) and reporting to a director.

A full team: A base nucleus composed of an officer, one or more drivers and one or more actors, including internal and/or external resources.

In addition to the technical issues, we can take responsibility or contribute to the planning and design phases, including the tying of IT enablers and processes to the actual business requirements